Villa Caetana

9 Bedrooms (10 bathrooms) hosting up to 16 guests  (plus staff quarters) .

Gardens . Pool . Terrasses

Villa Caetana, your ideal home away in ancient Rome. We are at the heart of a 11 000 acres archaeological park, in a magnificent setting surrounded by beautiful Roman ruins. The Villa is located on the Appia Antica nicknamed the Royal Road by the Romans (regina viarum). The house is just a few minutes from the Forum, Colosseum and all of what the eternal city has to offer.

The city of Rome is a green city in all seasons:  the vegetation of the villa is evergreen and abundant, magnified by maritime pines, holm oaks, magnolias, oleanders, cypresses, palm trees, eucalyptus, cedars which dot the perimeter of the park inhabited by birds.

Villa Caetana has magnificent green spaces, without being marred by pollution of air and sound, it sits at the very gates of the ancient town, revealing extraordinary archaeological remains, monuments, picturesque sites, and prestigious locations. This elegant mixture of natural, artistic and historical riches, together with its own exceptional comfort , makes Villa Caetana one of the most exclusive destinations in Europe.

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