Location & Environnement


Capitol & Venice Square: 12 min, Caracalla complex , Circus Maximus FAO, Colosseum: 10 mn


Golf Club of Aqua Santa (with the ruins of the Claudius aqueduct on the premises): Golf Roma Horse riding club: 1 mn, Gran Sasso ski resort: 1 hour

Important Buildings

Police station (carabinieri) 30secs, Fiumicino international airport: 25 mn, Ciampino airport (general aviation): 15 mn

Historic Places

Tombs of : Seneca, Horatius & Curatius (5 mn), Circus of Maxentius, Tomb of Romulus, Tomb of Cecila Metella, Catacombs & Basilica of San Sebastian: 2 mn

Ideal Location

Located inside the Archaeological Park of the Appian Way, with access by private street. Appian Way (pedestrian on Sundays & holidays) 30 secs

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